When you wanna pizza just call Wana Pizza. When we say FRESH DOUGH we mean it was flour yesterday. We mixed it right here in our store using our family recipe. It does not contain preservatives, it was never frozen, and it has never traveled by truck.

We shred blocks of low moisture cheese daily. Sure it is much easier to use pre-shredded cheese, but we think freshly shredded cheese just tastes better.

We love our pizza. However, if for any reason you do not, we will gladly refund your money. Just return at least 50% of your pizza on the date you purchased it. If you managed to eat more than half, we'll have to assume you like the pizza.

Trans fats are chemically manufactured and cause heart disease. Because they are inexpensive they are used in most processed foods, such as prepared dough and sauces. We don't use trans fats in our pizza.
(note: Our garlic butter and cheddar cheese dipping sauce contains trans fat.)